THE FAMOUS:  Stobys Cheese Dip

  • Kat Robinson
  • THE FAMOUS: Stoby’s Cheese Dip

We’re just eleven days away from an inaugural event that could cement Arkansas on the culinary map, no joke. This morning I sat down and had a chat with Nick Rogers and John McClure to talk about the upcoming World Championship Cheese Dip Competition. (An important note: For those who want to enter the contest, the deadline is Thursday and quickly approaching).


As all good conversations are wont to do, we wandered over the landscape of Arkansas culinary history and the merits and demerits of publicizing events around these parts. I did ask a few questions, though, that you might have been searching out the answers to.

I also have my own thoughts on the subject of cheese dip, and why this event is so damn important. That you can read about over on Tie Dye Travels. More on my morning meeting, on the jump.