It’s been said ad nauseum because it bears repeating: Arkansas has more great bands per capita than anywhere else in America. For the next six weeks, beginning at 9 p.m. Thursday, we’re showcasing 20 of the best the state has to offer in our annual battle of the bands, the Arkansas Times Musicians Showcase.


Here’s the deal: Over the next four Thursdays, 20 semifinalists, hand-picked from scores of entrants across the state, will compete at Stickyz. The winner of each semifinal night then advances to our final round, to be held Friday, March 4, at Revolution.

Each week’s winning act will be chosen by our four-person panel of whip-smart, music-loving judges and a rotating, weekly guest judge.


It’s a Little Rock institution: you know the drill.

Round one goes town tonight! Four bands! Bringing their A-games! Come have a drink and a shimmy, won’t cha?


Zach Williams and the Reformation
Catskill Kids
Tyrannosaurus Chicken
Cody Ives Band

Stickyz, 9 p.m. $5.

(That’s, like, $1.25 per band.)

Also, we’re giving away fistfuls of gift certificates to bars and restaurants across town all night long. I mean, I’ve got beaucoup certificates in my bag right now. Come get one.