7:30 p.m., The Peabody. $5 donation.


Little Rock keeps rocking for a good cause the following night, as well, with a triple-bill of energetic indie bands taking to the downtown hotel to raise money for, this time, a superstar charity, Heifer International.

First up: Carver, a new act from Conway that leans a healthy roots influence up against its indie-rock swagger. If the guys of Carver were a Heifer gift, they would be the $20 flock of chicks, because they’re young and all over the place.


Next up: Whale Fire, the long-lived sunshine rockers whose whip-tight harmonies and surfboard-ready guitar licks should be no stranger to regular readers of this column. If Whale Fire was a Heifer gift animal, it would most definitely be the $30 box of honeybees, because the band is sharp, fast and prone to making sticky, sweet music.

Finally: Sea Nanners, the blossoming rookies and Times favorites who are soon to release “Queen of the Brodeo,” their debut 7″ with relentlessly catchy songs that have been on heavy rotation in my headphones for weeks. And if Sea Nanners were a Heifer gift animal, it would be the $120 goat, and not just because, on the webpage, it has a cute, longing look that fits the band’s sound, but because singer Thom Asewicz’s vocals — some of the best and most idiosyncratic in town — are shuddered and vibrato, much like that of a singing goat.*


*I really do mean that in the best way, Thom!