Bellflower screens Wednesday night at Argenta Community Theater.

  • “Bellflower” screens Wednesday night at Argenta Community Theater.

7 p.m. Argenta Community Theater. $8.


Young manhood can be a confusing, challenging time, especially for the budding pyromaniac-would-be-post-apocalypse gang leader. “Bellflower” follows Woodrow and Aiden, two best bros who while away the hours drinking hard and crafting flamethrowers and tinkering on their Mad Max-style death-machine hotrod in anticipation of the end of the world and the opportunities for social advancement that will presumably arise thereof.

Throw a sassy blonde love interest into that already volatile mixture and somebody’s likely to get themselves blowed up. This feature-length debut has earned big-time plaudits from legit sources, such as The New Yorker (“agonizingly intense, almost unbearably beautiful”) and Roger Ebert (“possibly represents the debut of a one-of-a-kind filmmaker, a natural driven by wild energy, like Tarantino”).


As with many entries in the Argenta Film Series, this screening includes a visit with one of the film’s principals, in this case writer, director and star Evan Glodell. He’ll also be leading some workshops and a screening of “Bellflower” at UCA on Nov. 10.