Whats an egg cream again?

  • What’s an egg cream again?

For all those (like me) who grew up watching Sesame Street and wondering what the hell could be in those egg creams sold at the soda fountain in Hooper’s Store, the suspense is almost over. The Green Corner Store at the corner of 15th and Main will debut their new vintage-style soda fountain at noon on Saturday, April 7. Festivities will include live music and free mini-cones.


According to a press release, the new soda fountain at The Green Corner Store will feature small-batch “artisan” ice creams by Little Rock’s Loblolly Creamery (which we wrote about previously here), scratch-made waffle cones, sodas, shakes, sundaes, egg creams(!), floats, herbal sodas and other sweet-tooth fare, all made with “local, fair trade and organic ingredients.” The decor will reportedly feature old fashioned soda fountain flair, including a marble-topped bar, wood backbar and large mirror. It’s actually a return to form for the building, which housed the C.H. Dawson Drugstore and Soda Fountain from 1905 to 1967.

The soda fountain at The Green Corner Store, which bills itself as “Arkansas’s First Eco-Lifestyle Store” will encourage diners to eat from washable utensils and plates, and will have recycled and/or compostable containers for takeout.