Royal Kabob Wagon at Boone and Park streets

Had to jet home during lunch and take care of a couple of blah-tasks (bills, cleaning, etc.), so I was just planning to dump hummus on spinach and call it a salad. Luckily, the Royal Kabob Wagon has taken up residence in a parking lot near my apartment, changing my plans on the spot.


Little Rock newest food truck is owned by Roy Windham, a Pulaski Tech culinary school grad and self-professed hippie. He met a couple of guys from Vermont at Wakarusa, hopped aboard their food truck and went to a few more music festivals, then stole all their recipes, came back to Little Rock, bought and revamped an old lemonade truck and parked off Boone St./Markham, across from Arkansas School for the Deaf. And that’s how Burlington’s Ahli Baba Kabob Shop came to Little Rock, disguised as Roy Windham’s Royal Kabob Wagon, in a nutshell. Or rather, in a pita.