Pepperboys new video, Felon, came out yesterday.

  • Pepperboy’s new video, “Felon,” came out yesterday.

Longtime Little Rock rapper Pepperboy‘s got a new video out for “Felon,” from his latest release, “(P.T.S.) Post Traumatic Stress” (check it out right here).


Though it sounds forlorn, with Pepperboy recounting how “on the streets, I learned my lessons,” the core message of “Felon” is one of positivity: do the right thing, don’t skip class, don’t let anybody discourage your dreams, have hope. I really dig the icy, pulsing production, by San Francisco-based Blue Sky Black Death. There’s a sound on there during the chorus that reminds me of video game from my younger days, but I can’t put my finger on what it is.

Fayettville blog Ants in My Trance has been all over Pepperboy, along with national outlets like Spin and The Fader.


Check out the video after the jump.