Pepperboys new album Nitetime is out today.

  • Pepperboy’s new album “Nitetime” is out today.

Little Rock’s Pepperboy has an early Christmas present for everybody. I’ll give you a hint what it is: a new 15-track album called “Nitetime.”


If by chance any of ya’ll missed it, be sure to read John Tarpley’s excellent profile of Pepperboy from back in September.

“Nitetime” finds Pepperboy dishing out some 100-percent truth about the big issues: Life, love and death; drugs; the streets; the game; staying out of trouble.


The lead single, “Love My Life,” was produced by Blue Sky Black Death out of Seattle, who also produced Pepperboy’s awesome single “Felon,” from last summer. At the end of the track, he gives thanks to folks in the medical community: “I wanna give a shout out to the University hospital and St. Vincent Hospital, them doctors in that ER, they saved your boy’s life, shout-out to my sister man, she’s a nurse, been doing that shit like 20 years.”

“Real Spit,” “One Life” and “Global Warming” find Pepperboy working with Black Tim again, who was on the “P.T.S.” single.


On “Global Warming,” Pepperboy turns his gaze to world events. Check out this line about Malala Yousafzai, the 15-year-old girl attacked in Pakistan by terrorists: “Lord help us with the Taliban, tried to kill that little girl ’cause she had a plan / Tryin’ to help her people in Afghanistan / They don’t like the women, they want ’em to serve man.”

Another standout: the dark, creepy “Never Change,” with surging synths and haunting vocals way, way in the background. Reminds me of Clipse at their most menacing. So good.

Man, this whole album is so killer. Seriously, check it out now.

Oh yeah, also the Montreal blog 10Kilos.US did an interview with Pepperboy which you can read here.