The Hood Internet performs at Revolution Friday.

The Hood Internet performs at Revolution Friday pic

  • The Hood Internet performs at Revolution Friday.

9 p.m. Revolution. $15.


Were you ever, like, listening to a song while you were walking to class or Pinterest-ing or raging at a killer party or something and you thought, “Dog, this whole thing would be so much more mega if it was like, another song, but while also still being the first song, like for instance if this Vampire Weekend song had Ghostface rapping over it instead of dude singing whatever, it’d be more, uh, dope? Or whatever?”

Yeah, me neither. Call me old-fashioned, but I still like to listen to one song at a time. BUT, and this is important: It does not matter if this whole mashup thing is vexing to you or me (and it is to me, primarily because I’m skeptical of nearly all music recorded after about 1993 and also, “Damn kids! Get off my lawn!”). If you too find mashups to be, like, huh?, then all that probably means is that you’re most likely 31-35 years old or older (this is not always the case, only most of the time). So face it, Gramps, your time is over! Now step aside!


For the record, that Girl Talk guy is largely responsible for this whole situation, so you can blame him in your angry letter to the editor about how they’re not even making their own songs anymore. (Side note: remember that Album Tacos Tumblr that was a thing a while back? These dudes in The Hood Internet, that’s their thing.) It’s 18-and-older, by the way.