"Air-conditioner Polar Bear," by Gregory Moore.

Gregory Moore of Fayetteville paints on found surfaces — tin, barrel lids, air conditioner panels — and I have always wanted to have one of his works. His series “Reclaimed Surfaces” is on exhibit at Mullins Library in Fayetteville, so if you are up that way, you’ll see what I mean. More from a university press release:


Moore paints on pieces of rusted, dented metal in ways that do not obscure their original texture and color. He seeks objects that are unique in their configurations of stains, rust and damage and allows those characteristics to guide each painting. He is interested in what man-made debris reveals about the nature of “the outside.”

Moore’s images sometimes refer to the surface — that air conditioner panel is painted with a polar bear, for example.

Moore’s work has been featured in New American Paintings and truthout.com. His show, in the lobby of the library, runs through October.