Photo by Brian Chilson in "Chasing the Light."

The Times‘ very own Brian Chilson, about whose work we are not objective but which we are sure you will find wonderful, has an exhibit of his photographs at the Historic Arkansas Museum starting Friday. “Chasing the Light” features 35 photographs of folks you’ll recognize and those you won’t but will connect with anyway. Chilson’s work captures moments in time that say something about what came before and what will come after. He’ll be at the 2nd Friday Art Night reception from 5-8 p.m. as will musicians Phil G. and Lori Marie.

Also at HAM: “A Sure Defense: The Bowie Knife in America,” through June 22, and “Dream and Imagery Entailed: Kerrick Hartman and LaToya Hobbs,” sculpture and printmaking, through Feb. 9.