Ruth Pasquine, "Amida Buddha," acrylic on paper, 50 x 39 inches.

Ruth Pasquine will be showing her Buddhist-themed work at Mugs Cafe starting Friday, Jan. 17, and will be there for the Argenta ArtWalk reception from 5-8 p.m. 


From Pasquine’s artist’s statement:

I began depicting the Tibetan deities in April 2006 as I was recovering from a broken wrist, which had interrupted my art-making for a couple of months. The broken wrist was a kind of wake-up call, and it provided a lot of time to think about my life and the direction it was going in. I had taught the course Asian Art History: India, China, Japan at UCA in 2004, and had been doing a fair amount of reading in Hinduism and Buddhism, and at a certain point I found myself just really responding to Tibetan Buddhist art.Buddhism is very complicated. There are so many gods and goddesses, and Buddhas and bodhisattvas, and mahasiddas and arhats. There are peaceful deities and wrathful deities, families of Buddhas, and numerous lineages of lamas and teachers, each with his or her own teaching, rituals, and mantras. By taking an image I responded to aesthetically, researching the subject, and then reinterpreting it in pastel or paint, I have been slowly beginning to get a sense of what Buddhism is all about.

Mugs Cafe is at 515 Main St. in North Little Rock. Other venues open Friday include Thea Foundation Gallery, Claytime Gallery, Starving Artist Cafe & Gallery, Greg Thompson Fine Art and the Argenta Market.