MAKING THE JUMP: Popular Benton food truck to make big city debut in Little Rock Michael Roberts

According to our most recent Readers Choice Poll, the Baja Grill food truck in Benton is not only the best food truck outside Little Rock, it’s also the best food available in the Benton/Bryant area. The success of Craig and Melissa Roe’s start-up has seen food lovers from all over central Arkansas journeying down to the small trailer on Military Road to sample their Mexi-Cali style tacos and burritos, leading to rave reviews from nearly everyone who has eaten there. Foodie caravans to the wilds of Saline County were organized, and word began to spread about what the people of Benton already new: Baja Grill was something special.

I’ve known Craig and Melissa for a couple of years now, and was one of the first people to review their truck back in 2012, when I was still living in Saline County. I told them then that Little Rock didn’t have anything quite like what they were serving, and that they’d make a killing if they brought their truck up I-30 to some of capital city’s food truck events. Busy schedules and a really nice set-up in Benton kept them from going mobile, meaning that many of you in Little Rock haven’t had the chance to see what all the fuss is about.


That is, until now.

Craig has been hinting to me for a few months that he was working on something big, and with the ink freshly dry on a new lease at 5923 Kavanaugh, the Baja Grill wants Little Rock to know this: they’re coming. And not just on four wheels for a Food Truck Friday — they’re bringing their excellent cuisine and culinary skills to Little Rock for keeps, which means our food scene just got a lot more awesome.


If that address seems familiar to some of you, it should be, because it’s been a revolving door of restaurants over the years. From the Satellite Cafe on through to it’s most recent tenant, Mamacita’s, no place has been able to stick in the attractive corner location at Kavanaugh and University. I predict that’s about to change, because once Little Rock gets a taste of Baja Grill’s handmade salsas, succulent smoked pork, and fresh slaw and other toppings, I guarantee that the lines at the truck window will be nothing next to the wait times for a table.

Baja Grill takes possession of the property on April 1, with plans to be open as soon as possible after that. My advice to all of you is walk, drive, run, base-jump, or fly your way in as soon as they open the doors, because despite all the delicious taco joints we have in the city, none of them match the food from Baja Grill.