It’s that time of the week again, your chance to talk about some of the dishes you’re chowing down on. Let us know what’s impressed you and what you can do without.

Last week, Steve had plenty of praise for the “Double Truffle Burger” at HAM. He states, “I would give those guys my vote for best burger in town. Wonderful beef, a thick, creamy cheese and a perfect aioli. HAM is one of the few places in town where I have never been disappointed at any time.” I would have to agree with him…I’d put HAM in my top 3 burgers in Little Rock…which I already did. Kevin and I got a look at some of the new menu items at Ciao Baci recently which included a very nice Salmon Gravalax Tartare. Kevin says, “Food was excellent, but company sucked. Looking forward to going back and ordering some entrees off the Spring Menu.” I would have to agree with him…company sucked. Also sucks that the poutine at Ciao is gone, but I’ll just have to move on with my life. Raven had a good time at Oceans at Arthur’s, writing that he was “impressed by the fish offerings. The place was jammed pack on Friday night. They had a great variety of fresh oysters raw or grilled in various classic ways. I had grilled orange roughy with roasted red pepper sauce. A little sauce heavy for my taste but the fish was cooked perfectly and tasted great.”


So where are you eating lately? Tell us all about it.