Maple cookies from Sweet Love

Hey, hey! It’s Friday! And it’s that time of the week…we’re looking for your feedback on what’s good to eat right now around Little Rock. 

Lots of big news lately, huh? Lee Richardson coming to Packet House  Donnie Ferneau is cooking again, with his new business “Good Food by Ferneau.” He’s calling it “healthy meals for people with active lifestyles.” Meanwhile, we know he’s got a new restaurant coming called “The Still.” It will be downtown, but we don’t really know much more about it. Baja Grill coming to Little Rock. Mylo Coffee Co. opening April 1. Lots to look forward to.


Also folks…it’s Friday Pieday at Sweet Love  Kelli Marks is serving up some wonderful pies by the slice or whole. Last month I had her prize-winning sweet potato pie and peanut butter pie. Both were excellent. Get over there today…but leave me a slice.

Here’s what was going on last week:


Steve is singing Mylo Coffee Co’s praises. We popped into Mylo last week. He writes, “The caramel Macadamia nut cheesecake Dan and I had there is among the best cheesecakes I’ve ever eaten. The sweetness was a background player instead of a dominant factor, allowing the tanginess of the cheesecake and the earthiness of the nuts and caramel to come through.” True words, it’s a good cheesecake. Kevin went to Vino’s and “watched plenty of basketball and drank some Six Bridges. The place has a few new menu items, including a grilled chicken chef’s salad, which I had…and it was excellent.” JenniferB says she “finally checked out Nom Noms yesterday. The veggie torta and salad were great, horchata was fab, and the ice cream was amazing. I had a three-way combo of (local) fig cream, some kind of avocado, and pine nut.” I’ve been meaning to get down to Hot Springs lately…it’s a shame I haven’t done so yet. And EY “hit the jackpot food-wise this week. Was taken to Table 28 on Tuesday and told “order whatever you want.” Yes, EY…you did hit the jackpot. Whoever took you there, keep that person as a close friend.

Lots more last week…but now it’s your turn. Tell us what you’re eating this week.