The news came over the wire late last night that Peggy Sue Evers, notorious Alison Krauss imposter, had violated the terms of her probation and was now back in jail in Fayetteville. Here at the Arkansas Times, we join our neighbors to the North in issuing a sigh of relief. 

Evers, of course, was arrested last year after convincing a 75-year-old man named Don Fulton that she was country singer Alison Krauss, explaining that she’d “changed her name to escape the paparazzi.” She managed to wrangle over $200,000 from Fulton before the police stepped in, alerted by representatives from his bank. 


Fulton is certainly a tragic figure in this story, but there’s something about Evers’s boldness and desperation that seems almost equally devestating. The title of a Grammy-winning Alison Krauss album comes to mind: “Lonely Runs Both Ways.”

The “real” Alison Krauss, by the way, is set to perform at the Walmart AMP in July, alongside Willie Nelson and Jason Isbell.