It’s a good weekend for documentaries: On Saturday at 11:30 a.m., at the Ron Robinson Theater, there will be a screening of Joshua Oppenheimer‘s Oscar-nominated “The Act of Killing,” which the New Republic’s Stanley Kauffmann, in his final film review, memorably described as a “a bath in a smiling madness.” The film documents the the perpetrators of the 1960s mass-murders in Indonesia as they set out to reenact their own exploits in a bizarre genre film. “There are good reasons to see ‘The Act of Killing,'” wrote Anthony Lane of The New Yorker, “but pleasure is not among them.” Tickets are $10. 

Meanwhile, Errol Morris‘s latest, “The Unknown Known,” will be screening at Market Street twice a day (at 1:45, $6 and 6:45, $8) through next Thursday. A kind of follow-up to his Oscar-winning 2003 portrait of Robert McNamara, “The Fog of War,” “The Unknown Known” gives Donald Rumsfeld the same treatment. A.O. Scott called it “a probing and unsettling inquiry into the recent political and military history of the United States.” and also “a bracing and invigorating philosophical skirmish.” As an intro, read the four-part essay on Rumself that Morris recently wrote for the New York Times. Or just watch the trailer below: