Sea bass and Italian grits from E's bistro

Another Friday and another opportunity to feedback. You know the drill…tell us all about what you’re munching on this week. There continues to be a number of very exciting developments around Little Rock with several new restaurants headed our way in the not-so-distant future. There’s never been a better time to eat in Arkansas.

Last week on FFF…


Jack Reed gave a shout out to Sherwood, saying, “For those in the Sherwood area, I grabbed the Thai fried rice with tofu from Chang’s and Falaffel from Your Mama’s Gyro’s. So so good.” There were a few mentions of E’s Bistro in NLR. First, Steve calls it a “Highly underrated little joint, in part because of it’s fairly bad location,” and goes on to say, “The BBQ Shrimp special was tremendous, with nearly a dozen perfectly cooked shrimp in a fresh, tangy sauce with braised Brussels sprouts and creamy polenta.” Raven hit E’s for lunch and tells us about this “great fried green tomato, bacon, lettuce, spicy Remolaude sandwich. Loved it and love E’s.” That sandwich is definitely on my to-do list now, Raven. Kevin also went to E’s but, in addition, tells us he had “a great veggie sandwich from HAM this afternoon. That place never disappoints.” AshAhrens had a very interesting sandwich at Forty-Two, stating, “It was my first time to try their tuna and smoked cheddar melt sandwich. Won’t be my last! This isn’t your mother’s mayo-laced tuna salad. Nope. There’s no mayo in sight. Very light and loose tuna mixture with chopped apple, onion, egg, herbs and probably a little light oil to meld it all together.” And Big Fun is singing the praises of Taqueria Karina and tells us about “Two tacos: lengua on corn tortillas with cilantro and onion. Believe they were A DOLLAR FIFTY each. Fabulous, chunky, oniony guac made when ordered for $4.50.”

Alright, friends. Time to hear from you this week. Give us all your feedback.