At a press conference Monday at the Continental Club in Austin, Matthew McConaughey was on hand to announce the annual Oxford American music issue, which will focus on Texas this year and is due out in December. It isn’t the first time the Little Rock-based magazine has pulled out a celebrity to endorse the series — Morgan Freeman introduced the 10th Anniversary CD — but it does seem particularly apt and also hilarious. He wasn’t alone either: Country elder statesmen / snake farmer Ray Wylie Hubbard spoke about his roots and endorsed the magazine (“It’s gonna be a good read”), Dale Watson was there (“You got your work cut out for you,” he said encouragingly) and so was Western Swing giant Jason Roberts, who wore a Stetson and quoted Bob Wills. Also present were representatives from the Texas Music Office and from the magazine, including editor-in-chief Roger Hodge

Skip forward to 5:10 to hear McConaughey (born in Uvalde, Texas) talk about Waylon, Willie Nelson and that time in 1999 he got arrested in Austin for playing bongos (“my small little mark in Texas music”). He also calls the OA a “classy magazine.”