A new exhibit at Hearne Fine Art features works by 25 new, emerging and established artists who collaborated with composer Ryan Gaston‘s music/film/art installation “A Dream Retrieval Ritual.” Filming took place at the gallery, which is calling the show “Indigo Visions,” a pop-up exhibition. Here’s a bit more about “Dream Retrieval” from Kickstarter, the groupfunding site (the project failed to reach its goal, but work goes on): 

Little Rock composer Ryan Gaston is employing the help of local filmmakers, musicians, painters, dancers, actors and more in the realization of a new, large-scale musical venture — A Dream Retrieval Ritual. In its original form, Dream Retrieval was a piece of absurdist performance art in which musicians rebelled against the audience and the conductor while assisting a narrator’s explanation of the bizarre dream from which she had just woken. Gaston has partnered with sound artist Rheingold Kockenschlagger, filmmaker Reed Means, and recording engineer Adam Lansky to capture, augment, and reassemble the necessary materials to realize A Dream Retrieval Ritual as a fixed multimedia piece — a DVD in 5.1 surround sound in which layers of elaborately crafted electronic soundscape interact with the narrator and the ensemble.

The film, music, and various artifacts will surround the audience and unfold in such a way that the listener floats through several amorphous, variably plausible spaces. The listener follows the narrator through a concert hall and an ocean of paper to a small closet, to a dark, empty chamber, to a formless void populated with musicians, meat grinders, menacing machines, peaceful crickets, and everything between. It is part film, part monodrama, part sculpture, part computer program, part soundscape, part chamber music—a truly unique amalgamation of every possible form of art—gesamtkunstwerk.

Participating artists either created work influenced by Gaston’s composition or selected work that seemed to fit, gallery co-owner Garbo Hearne said. They are Melverue Abraham (mixed media), Eve Brothers (photography), Danny Campbell (mixed media), Kevin Cole (mixed media), Rex Deloney (painting), Lorria Eubanks (painting), Alonzo Ford (drawing), Larry Hampton (painting), AB Hearne (mixed media), LaToya Hobbs (monotype), Alison Ivy (mixed media), Ariston Jacks (mixed media), Henri Linton (painting), Bryan Massey (mixed media), Leron McAdoo (painting), Sylvester McKissick (mixed media), Loni Rainey (mixed media), Robin Sanders (painting), Aj Smith (etching), Sondra Strong (painting), Maria Botti Villegas (painting), Pernell Williams (wire), Susan Williams (bronze), Marjorie Williams-Smith (silverpoint) and Markeith Woods (mixed media).


Gaston is a 2012 graduate of Hendrix College and will attend the California Institute for the Arts this fall. “Indigo Visions” runs through Aug. 30 at the gallery, 1001 Wright Ave.