Cake and ice cream. Beer. Right there, three of my favorite things on earth — but they don’t tend to go together. Oh sure, cake and ice cream is the staple food of birthday parties and after-dinner snacking everywhere, but beer? No, it just doesn’t fit.

Or does it?


Well, leave it to Mylo Coffee Co. to make it work, particularly in their Core Brewing Oatmeal Stout chocolate cake. You all know what a sucker I am for food made from local ingredients, and as a big fan of both Jesse Core’s brews and Mylo’s sweets, getting a slice of this dark cake was a no-brainer, as was the hefty scoop of Loblolly Double Vanilla on the side.

The cake is just like I like it: dense without being dry, subtle in sweetness, and topped with just the right amount of icing. The icing here is key — I really hate the current trend of piling up buttercream so high on cupcakes that every bite is a sticky, gloppy mess. Here, the icing does what it should: provide a small, light contrast in texture and flavor that accents the deeper flavor of the cake.


So is beer cake a gimmick? Not here it isn’t. The richness of the beer adds depth and body to the cake, leaving a lot of flavor. My mother-in-law always adds a touch of coffee to her brownies because the bitterness works well with the flavor of sugar and chocolate; the same effect is working here between the dark beer and the cake. It’s a lovely dessert, and for somebody like me who rarely gets to Mylo outside of breakfast time, it was a nice change of pace from my usual croissants and sausage rolls. The Mylo team has been at the forefront of locally sourced ingredients, and it’s nice to see that even when the ingredient is as unorthodox as beer, they still keep it inside Arkansas.