UCA’s Baum Gallery director Barclay McConnell is still seeking volunteers to gather up materials for stick-weaving artist Patrick Dougherty, who’s in Conway preparing to build a sculpture on the UCA campus. His amazing creations were first mentioned here when he created a sculpture in Fayetteville during Artosphere 2012. 

A 2010 article in the New York Times said Dougherty, then 65, found a desire to become a sculpture when he was 28 and built a one-room cabin. The article took note of his memoir, “Stickwork”:


Mr. Dougherty is a very good storyteller. And there is always a story, because each piece takes at least three weeks to make, blooms before a rapt and sometimes fractious audience, and depends on the efforts of a fresh team of volunteers new to stickwork, over which Mr. Dougherty presides like an enthusiastic Outward Bound leader.

“It’s a problem-solving event, and problems arise every day,” he said. “You have to be flexible. I like working with sticks, but it’s really an excuse to have these experiences. One is to be bad and play out some kind of stick thing in a public place, like pulling your pants down, and another is this huge outpouring from people who don’t know you and walk up to you and say, ‘What is this?’ ”

Here’s the link to sign up to be a volunteer.