1. Cloud 9 – “Actin’ Bad”

Here’s something I stumbled on yesterday because it was produced by the great North Little Rock beatmaker IAmNawf. Cloud 9 is apparently a duo, Jonathan “J-Mazing” Bryant & Kordell “Deezy” Boykin. 


2. Ryan Cook – “Gorilla Pig”

Weirdo, shapeless noise-pop from Hot Springs — sounds a little like old Animal Collective and a little like smoking DMT in an ice storm. It’s apparently a tribute to his daughter. 


3. Pluto Maxx – “Lifted”

Arkansas ex-pat Pluto Maxx here compares himself to a dancing cobra and says cool and curious things like “You couldn’t see me if you had four eyes.” Also check out his new video for “My State of Mind,” which finds him lounging on what looks like the world’s most decadent couch and rapping about “Finding Nemo” and losing his mind.


4. Philip Martin – “The Red Peace”

Did you know longtime Arkansas Democrat-Gazette film critic Philip Martin also makes music? He does, and here’s the first track from his new album, a pretty brutal dirge that begins with the admission that his ears have “lost acuity.” There are also songs called “Thomas Chatterton” (“You got left bereft when I took the vow of chastity”) and “Bill Clinton” (“You might not like Bill Clinton, sir, but he’s still your president”).