I’m happy to announce that Eat Arkansas has a new sibling: the Arkansas Food and Farm blog. 

With the success of our summer issue fading into fall, the Food and Farm team has been hard at work thinking about the future of the magazine as well as our online presence. We’re geared up to bring you four issues of the print magazine next year, and to tide you over, we’ve got some great things planned on the blog and social media. 


As always, our greatest resource in this endeavor is you, the reader. We want Food and Farm to be a celebration of the entire state of Arkansas, so I want to encourage all of you to share with us your favorite farms, farmers markets, and restaurants. We focus on the finished products here on Eat Arkansas, but with the Food and Farm blog, we’ll be uncovering the processes that take place before your meal hits the table. There are a lot of exciting stories to be told!

Our first story on the blog is about the recent farm supper held at Barbara Armstrong’s Scott Heritage Farm. Coming up soon, I’m going to be looking at some great prepared goods from Cedar Rock Acres farm, and I have a few field trips in store where I can get my boots dirty. 


The Food and Farm blog will be separate from the Arkansas Times main site; this means that the pay wall will not be in place for content over there. I hope you’ll all join us as we start this journey — and I hope you’ll share with all of us what’s growing in your neck of the woods.