Lemon-basil chicken from Superior Bathhouse Brewery's Angela Nix LOUIS WILLIAMS

Bathhouse row in downtown Hot Springs boasts some of the most beautiful scenery in the state. People are walking, jogging, and taking in the sights. At the north end of bathhouse row sits the Superior Bathhouse Brewery and Distillery. Visitors can sit and enjoy a wide array of craft beers while they relax and watch the crowds outside. They can also enjoy one of the most fresh and flavorful menus around.

At the head of the Superior kitchen is executive chef Angela Nix, known for her use of locally grown ingredients, and the farm to table freshness comes through in the food. For starters there are no deep fryers in the kitchen at all. You won’t find fried appetizers on the menu, as most places often have. What you will find are things such as blackeyed pea hummus, which is full of flavor from the first bite to the last. Chef Nix also plans to have weekend specials as well as seasonal changes to the menu, although some things are permanent. One of the permanent dishes is also one of my personal favorites, the Lemon Basil Chicken, which provides a chance to taste the freshness and range of flavors that are created in the Superior kitchen. Two tender, juicy chicken breasts are served in a rich sauce that has just the right amount of lemon flavor without being overpowering. The basil in the sauce pops and adds even more freshness. Underneath all that goodness is a mound of orzo and Parmesan cheese. Served with the vegetable of the day, this dish has so many levels of flavor. If you choose, a server can help you pair one of their great craft beers with your meal. In the near future, the Superior will be brewing their own selection of quality beers using the water of the natural underground springs.


Whether you choose to just have an appetizer, one of the incredible sandwiches or an entree, like the Lemon Basil chicken or Gumbo served over cheese grits, you will not be disappointed with the flavor. The most surprising thing may be that there is nothing on the lunch menu over $10, and nothing on the dinner menu over $16!

So the next time you are in Hot Springs, stop in and taste the freshness that The Superior has to offer. Make sure you meet Chef Angela Nix while you are there.