Doctor Nod

1. Fresco Grey – “Balla Blockin” 

If Fresco Grey sold t-shirts I would buy one. Come see him and the rest of the Young Gods of America crew at Vino’s tomorrow night (check this week’s To Do List for the rest of their tour info). 

2. Monument – “Tomorrow I Start Living”

Monument is an enigmatic Little Rock ambient / drone operation. Check their bandcamp page for a “list of known supercentenarians (people who have attained the age of at least 110 years)”


3. DMP – “Run It Up/Kansas”

The debut video from Little Rock rap group DMP, who look barely old enough to drive — two tracks from their new tape “80s Crack.” “Run It Up” (not to be confused with the ones by Young Thug or Rich Kidz) is an instant anthem, and we should all be thankful for it. 

4. Devin Nu Phlo – “Mellowbends”

Some alienating and weirdly compelling indie rap from a tape called “Nymphlo Maniac,” courtesy of Fayetteville’s increasingly interesting Let’s Talk Figures label. The production on this tape is sloppy and kind of fascinating, and Devin’s persona goes to some really odd places (imagine a Venn diagram comparing the fanbases of Lil B and Primus).


5. Doctor Nod – “Watch Out”

Also from Fayetteville — a new EP from the garage pop band Doctor Nod, “Return To Terror.” We posted their song “Walkin the Dog” a few months ago and are still thinking about it. The EP will be available on cassette in November via Resurrection Records.