The Brothel Sprouts Gwendolyn Wind

1. The Brothel Sprouts – “If I Can Still Stand”

Here’s a song from “Good Enough,” the recent debut EP from Fayetteville’s The Brothel Sprouts, who make imaginative indie rock that’s loose and triumphant and kind of manic (think Roxy Music or, I guess, The Unicorns). Miracle Whip or Outback Steakhouse or someone should buy this and use it in a commercial about fun young people. 

2. Vile Pack – “$$$/Pockets”

A new video from Vile Pack’s Wolfy Mane and Hector $lash, featuring Pokemon samples and sushi and all varieties of instant ramen. “It’s all bad for you,” as Wolfy puts it. 


3. Ten High – “The Get Down”

Ten High is a band based in Fayetteville who make a swaggering, mumbling, heavily distorted brand of garage rock, with vocals that sound like an incomprehensible voicemail left by a drunk. It’s good stuff. Their new record is called “Libido.” 

4. Churner – “All For You”

Jacksonville noise musician Churner has been making these sorts of brutal, droning, alien soundscapes since at least 2007, using instruments that, according to his website, include, “… guitar amps, multiple effects processors, LBB oscillator, hacksaws, GMC-5500 truck, pavement, broken cymbals, steel pipes, hammers …” etc. It’s punishing, a perfect soundtrack to the Red Tide


5. Kevin Kerby – “Staggering Heap”

Here are some songs (tagged “Demo”) by Kevin Kerby for you to listen to. That should hold you over.