Matt White

It’s safe to assume that most people (all people) are, to some extent, preoccupied with being cool. I can say that, without a doubt, it is much harder to ignore the impulse to attain “cool” after people have told you that they think that you are cool. I admit that this thought consumed my brain while I tried to put together this list. Partly because I worried that, as with all things that could expose me as not actually being cool, I would disappoint those who have called me cool, poor dears. But also because I love songs that are little bursts of cool. Songs that are like hanging out with someone that’s so undeniably cool that, instead of being made less cool for hanging out with you (geeky weirdo that you are), you are made more cool by being even momentarily associated with them. So. Here are songs that make me feel cooler while we hang out. And thanks, Arkansas Times, for thinking I was cool enough to make it.

Sarah Stricklin sings with John Willis and Late Romantics, with her new project Bad Match (debut very soon), and for whatever gig Greg Spradlin has up his sleeve at any given time. You can hear a very small sampling of her original work on Soundcloud.