Bob for Apples

1. Bob for Apples – “Pineapple City”

Comfortable Brother‘s Bob Gaiser also makes music as Bob for Apples, including this new self-titled record for Fayetteville’s Let’s Talk Figures. Here’s a video for “Pineapple City,” a great and aimless downer-rock anthem that sounds kind of like a Silver Jews song.

2. Mvk Lxui$ – “Sleepwalking”

Trilly Mob’s MvK Lxui$ is part of the Nostalgic Recordings family, along with Rino El Camino and a few others based in Arkansas and Louisiana. This song is more or less about Xanax (if I had to pin it down), but it also has some great singing.


3. Bartin Memberg – “Hank Passed at Thirty-Three”

Martin Bemberg is the singer for Fayetteville’s High Lonesome and the proprietor of the possibly defunct studio/label Villewave. He also makes wobbly psych-rock as Bartin Memberg — this is from a two-track release that appeared last week called “Tender Yonder To You.”

4. Christian Cordan and Young Kix – “High Life” 

“Family First” is the new tape from Little Rock natives (and cousins) Christian Cordan and Young Kix — I recommend the third track here, “High Life,” and not only because it features someone who calls himself The Purple Phoenix. 


5. KyHro – “FML”

Spacey atmospheric electronic music from Mena, of all places. I don’t know much about KyHro beyond that, except that he or she is not so confident in the quality of the work here (bio: “Why do I even bother with this?”). 

6. Lavender Jones – “Take It Easy Anna”

Fayetteville’s Lavender Jones does his best Guy Clark for awhile. until the whole thing spirals out of control.