The Black and Blue Burger is just as good to go Kat Robinson

Here’s my conundrum: I love food, but I hate going out to get it. That may come as a surprise to some of you — after all, going to restaurants and talking about what goes on inside them is sort of the modus operandi of this blog. But I’m a homebody, so it’s tough sometimes (especially in cold weather) to motivate myself into going out for some grub. That’s not a complaint — I love my job — it’s just the truth.

Given my love of home and hearth, it’s even more upsetting that Little Rock really lags behind other cities in terms of food delivery. There’s pizza, of course, a couple of Chinese joints, and I believe that Casa Manana over on Cantrell will deliver to Hillcrest…but that’s basically it. Or it was until Chef Shuttle. Now, for around $5, I can get food from dozens of restaurants delivered right to my door. 


I may never leave the house again.

And so it was, after a long day of  traveling yesterday, the wife and I decided that it was either Chef Shuttle or going to bed without our supper. She’s a huge fan of the service, as the company she works for often has lunch delivered on days when she can’t leave the office, but because I can be a hopeless troglodyte sometimes, I had no experience with it.


Verdict? It’s very easy to use, with a user-friendly interface that assures you’ll know exactly what you’re getting, with the options you prefer, all clearly priced and explained. A handful of clicks later and I had supper on the way from Markham Street Grill and Pub, a restaurant that Kat Robinson named her Burger Joint of the Week back in 2011 — and a place I had never tried.

Turns out I’ve been missing the boat with Markham Street Pub. An order of chicken strips and fries was piping hot (even after delivery) and quite tasty. Our second order, a patty melt, came with a huge ground beef patty topped by grilled onions and a slice of Swiss cheese, all snuggled between two thick slices of marbled rye, all very delicious. Both entrees made the journey with only minimal problems, and both were fantastic — good enough that I’ve already made plans to tamp down my innate sorriness and actually go in for a meal.


So there you have it: a great solution to the lazies, being trapped at the office, or even catering an impromptu lunch. The list of restaurants served by the shuttle is growing all the time, but if you can’t decide on what to eat, get that patty melt. You’ll thank me later.