Oh reality TV, will you ever stop giving Joe and Jane Arkansas chances to embarrass and humiliate themselves?

Doesn’t look like it. Somebody just forwarded us the following email that was sent out by River Market Director of Operations Diana Long to tenants in the River Market, regarding filming that’ll be going in the area this weekend.


Apparently, a crew with a TV game show called “Smashed” will be filming on President Clinton Avenue on Friday and Saturday nights, asking world renowned geniuses to explain the meaning of life. Did we say “world renowned geniuses” and “the meaning of life”? We meant to say: “drunk people” and “stuff.” Sounds like “Smashed” sends crews to the nightclub districts in cities across the U.S., where they walk around with a camera and ask questions of drunk people. Not shitfaced and crying drunks, of course Just sorta-kinda-drunk drunks, as verified by a breathalyzer. 

We’ll stick with the home game, thanks. 


Hey Y’all!

Just a heads up – a Film crew for a new game show called “Smash” will be filming in the area on Friday and Saturday this weekend. They have stated that they will be on the sidewalks and will only film people with their permission.

Smashed refers to talking to people as they exit bars / restaurants. Its set up as a game show, so I can imagine they just ask them a set of game show like questions or have them do activities just there on the sidewalk….they have assured the Film Commission who has passed along to the City and myself that they do not look to film people who are too drunk, etc. Here is exactly what they said:

“I feel like it is important for you to know that we wont be interviewing anyone that is too intoxicated. We will have a breathalyzer on set to tell if someone has drank too much. If they are above a specific blood alcohol level, they wont be able to participate. If they don’t take the test, we also wont let them participate.

The game show isn’t intended to showcase or encourage people getting wasted. We have shot a sizzle here in NY before and were very responsible in doing so. We just want to be in different cities. Also, we make sure to buy taxis for anyone that participates and especially those that are too drunk to participate.

Thanks in advance. We really would love to shoot in your city and want to stick to your guidelines.”

This certainly will not affect all of you, but you may see the crew and wonder what’s going on, so we wanted to go ahead and share it with you all.

Happy Weekend!