1. Mildriot – “No Hooves”
A baffling, instant-classic Christmas anthem from Mildriot, a.k.a Michael Chavez, who used to go by Miles Rattz and released a really good record over the summer called “Fought Songs” on the UK label Sister 9 Recordings. 

2. College Station Camron – “Good Vibes”
Here’s a new video from 26-year-old College Station Camron, the last track from his tape, “CSC” (he cut out LouddPak’s verse for whatever reason).


3. Dividend – “Wait”
Fayetteville band Dividend just released an album called “Synaesthesia,” that’s incredibly good — heavily reverbed, fully-formed jangle pop in the tradition of bands like Galaxie 500. Singer Christine Tan (?) is low in the mix but impossible to overlook. Looks like they’re coming to White Water on January 9th, which is good news. 

4. Ghost Riders in the Sky with Diamonds – “Untitled 6”
10 minutes of noise and free improv from the Hot Springs experimental collective, via Colourful Mountain Records. Paranoid and surprising and really compelling — the whole record is worth a listen, as are their other releases (there are a few). 


5. Lil Futa ft. Chuck and KaYocee – “Just B.A.R.S.”
Skip the first minute of this video and you’ll get to the music, which is great, one of my favorite Lil Futa tracks of the year. 

6. Cloud9 – “Thotful”
Surprisingly big-budget effort from L.A. (by way of Little Rock) duo Cloud9, produced by the great North Little Rock beatmaker IAmNawf, complete with lens flares, fog machines and a throwback, claustrophobic sex-dungeon vibe.