Even Santa snoozes sometimes Michael Roberts

Ah, Christmas — the time for peace on earth, goodwill toward mankind, and sheer hopeless panic when you realize that the holiday is only a matter of days away and you still haven’t completed your shopping. It happens every year, and your procrastination has once again landed you on the “naughty” list. 

It’s okay. Really. We have you covered with some tasty gifts that are sure to turn that “naughty” back into “nice.”


*Sauce from Bonta Toscana: Little Rock resident Amy Bradley-Hole has caused something of a revolution in pasta sauce in the past couple of years. This fresh and delicious sauce will make you think of Italy without ever leaving your home. It pairs great in a basket with olive oil and fresh pasta, although we’ve heard tell of folks eating it straight from the jar. You can pick up Bonta Toscana sauce at Terry’s Finer Foods, Hillcrest Artisan Meats, or you can head up to the Hillcrest Farmer’s Market and pick up a bottle. And if you want to take it to the max, you can buy the sauce as part of an Arkansas product super pack from Eggshells Kitchen Co.

*Wicked Mix: Christmas just isn’t Christmas without some snack mix — but since you’ve waited this long to do your shopping, you probably don’t have time to make any. That’s where Wicked Mix comes into play. Spicy Original, Chocolate, and Hot Chipotle flavors might not bring joy to the entire world, but it will bring happiness to anyone who gets a bag. We’ve seen the mix all over town, including at Kroger locations in the Heights and Hillcrest.


*Geek Eats Hummus and Pesto: Blow everyone away with a variety of hummus flavors from Geek Eats. It’s so good that they’ll never realize how healthy this stuff really is. The flavors are deep and go with so many things, so this would be a welcome gift for any foodie in your life. You can pick up Geek Eats hummus at The Green Corner Store or the Hillcrest Farmer’s Market.

*Raimondo Winery Dark Chocolate Vinegar: This winery is headed to Little Rock, so why not celebrate by sampling some of their products? Of particular note is this unique balsamic vinegar with the subtle flavor of dark chocolate — perfect for berries or pairing with cheese. Available from Eggshells.


*Garden Press Juice: Do you have many friends in your life that are ready to get on the detox wagon starting January 1st? Health should be a year round event, but what better to counter act all the holiday indulgences than fresh juice from Garden Press. Make a gift basket of the various flavors and deliver it so someone you care about. Pick up their juice at Good Food by Ferneau, in the former Argenta Market space.

*Treatsie: Finally, if you want to give the gift that keeps on giving all year long, consider a subscription to Arkansas-based Treatsie. They have several options for gifts — and your lucky recipient will receive a welcome box of delicious sweets and boxes delivered every month thereafter. It’s like Christmas all year long!

Christmas is the best time of year to be a foodie, and from all of us here at Eat Arkansas, we’d like to wish every single one of you a very safe and merry Christmas and the happiest New Year.