HAIR OF THE DOG: Arkansas Ale House is pouring what you need MICHAEL ROBERTS

The presents are open, the toys are strewn across the floor, and you all are probably on your first day of sleeping off your Christmas cheer (or you’re back at work cursing the day you were born). The combination of rich food, a metric ton of sugar, and a veritable flood of punch, nog, beer, wine, and other potent potables can often leave revelers in a sorry state come Boxing Day.

Have no fear, help is on the way. Here’s our Friday Five cures for your holiday cheer.


*Breakfast:  You’ve got to get some protein in your system, and there’s no better way to do that than to have eggs. In addition to being full of vitamins (which you also need), the humble egg is also loaded with cysteine, an amino acid touted as a hangover cure due to its role in the breaking down of alcohol. 

With this in mind, head to Casa Manana for the Huevos con Machaca — shredded beef, jalapenos, onions, tomatoes, and cilantro all scrambled up with eggs and served with potatoes and beans. The combination of protein, fat, and starch will fill you up, while the spice will brace you against your ills. Eat it slowly, and with purpose. Sip a Bloody Mary. Think happy thoughts; you’ll get through this.


*Lunch: By lunch, you’ll probably still be processing your big breakfast, so go light and healthy. Your best bets are Boba Teas, Smoothies, and Coffees on South University (across from UALR) (nevermind, closed) or Garden Press Juices, available from Good Food by Ferneau, Dandelion, and other area shops. Get a lightly sweetened and soothing Milk Tea from Boba Teas Mr. Chen’s just down the street if your stomach is a little off-kilter, or go for a vitamin-packed smoothie if you’re dragging along. Garden Press always has the freshest seasonal juices, so if you go that route, you’ll be guaranteed to find something to perk you up. Pair your juice with a half-PLT from Boulevard Bread Company — pancetta, lettuce, and tomato, guaranteed to bring you that much closer to real life again.

*Supper: For supper, you need something a little earthy to cleanse your system of all that rich holiday food. To that end, there’s no better food than red beans and rice, especially from the Oyster Bar or Maddie’s Place. High-fiber beans with just the right amount of sausage will get your body going right, and the mild rice will help soak up all that churning stomach acid you’ve developed after the third helping of Grandma’s green bean casserole. Simple food is key.


*Mid-Afternoon Pick-me-up: You may reach a point where everything seems hopeless. The kids have recreated the greatest hits of John Philip Sousa with the drums and noisemakers your relatives so nicely gave them (before they fled to their own homes), there’s half-eaten cheese balls scattered all over the house (don’t eat the one by the sink in the bathroom), and your head feels like Santa’s elves are getting a headstart banging together next year’s toys inside it. Don’t fret, just get out and get some peace in a clean, well-lit space. Head to Guillermo’s Coffee for a latte, or drop by Mylo Coffee Co. for a classic pour-over. Don’t overdo it on the caffeine, but just a little jolt of the stuff mid-afternoon can really help put things back into perspective. 

*Night Cap: Ok, so we can’t stop you…but you probably don’t need to drink any adult beverages tonight. Stop by Dandelion in the River Market for a selection of herbal teas that will send you into a blissful slumber. If you just really need a last hit of the hard stuff to put the day away, go for a lemon and honey infused toddy made with Rock Town Bourbon or grab a pint down at the Arkansas Ale House — and don’t sweat it too bad; we’ve got the weekend to finish recovering.

Have a cure of your own? Let us know in the comments — and tell us how your holiday was!