Little Rock is divided into great, distinct neighborhoods, and all of them offer their own flavors and experiences. I’d like to introduce a new recurring theme, which will highlight a Little Rock neighborhood and all the great things a veggie lover like myself can find. My hope is that you will be inspired to get out and spend a day in one of these areas of town, because we have a great local economy full of talented chefs and interesting galleries and shops.

A few Fridays ago, I found myself in the Heights with some time to kill, so I took a stroll up and down Kavanaugh. I hit up a few of my favorite places, and I discovered some new and exciting things that will surely bring me back to this walkable, original neighborhood.


*Vegan Delights at Cupcakes on Kavanaugh:  My Friday stroll coincided with the day before Valentine’s Day, so I popped into Cupcakes on Kavanaugh to find a sweet for my honey. I didn’t expect to find any vegan items, but after talking to the enthusiastic staff, I learned that their chocolate cupcakes are vegan. Unfortunately, none of their frostings are vegan friendly, but they were happy to dust the top of the treats with powdered sugar. I picked up a couple chocolate ones, which were great, fluffy Valentine’s Day treats.

*Warm Drinks at Boulevard Bread:  While there’s a bustling Starbucks on the Kavanaugh strip, I prefer to shop locally and get my coffee or tea at Boulevard Bread. Nothing is better on a cool afternoon stroll then sipping a warm cup of coffee. If you’re in need of lunch, give their vegan sandwich a try, which is full of hummus and veggies.


*Cold Treats at Le Pops:  I have loved Le Pops since they opened their little booth at the River Market years ago, but now they have an entire storefront dedicated to their frosty treats. Many varieties of their pops are vegan, so just ask. My favorite is the avocado pop, which is rich and creamy without needing dairy.

*Spicy Lunch at Sushi Cafe:  After strolling up and down Kavanaugh, I still needed to kill about 45 minutes, so I ducked into Sushi Cafe for a quick lunch. Even after 1 p.m., the dining room was still packed with people on a Friday afternoon. I settled on Wok Fired Spicy Edamame and a Seaweed Salad. My dishes came out promptly and were well prepared and tasty. Never before had I tried spicy edamame, and I was not disappointed. The bean pods came out covered in chili sauce and big chunks of garlic, and the spicy dish paired well with the cold seaweed salad, complete with big chunks of cucumber.


*Spread the Love at Care for Animals:  Some people come to veganism and vegetarianism for environmental or health reasons. Others do it for the animals. No matter where your sympathies are, everyone can appreciate the great work people in our community do for our four legged friends. Care for Animals is a storefront located next to Ozark Outdoors, where you can purchase items for your pet and know the proceeds are going towards animal rescue and fostering. Last summer, we adopted our sweet kitty from Care, so I like to stop in every once in awhile and see how the amazing staff are doing. If you get lucky, they may even have a few foster animals at their location, and you can make a fur-ever home for one of these lucky animals.

That’s just a quick glimpse of how you can spend a lovely afternoon patronizing the great local shops in the Heights. That’s just one of the neighborhoods in our city, and I hope to bring you more. Leave me a comment below and let me know your favorite spots.