Central Arkansas boasts several Greek restaurants, but for me, they are hit or miss. I adore Layla’s, the standard by which I judge all other Mediterranean food in the city. After trying several other establishments, I have so far been disappointed. So, when my partner suggested that we check out Mama’s Gyros Grill in Sherwood, I was not optimistic. I assumed that the food would be decent, but not authentic, and it would certainly not be better than my beloved Greek standard. Happily, though, I am here to report that I was wrong.

Tucked into a nondescript shopping center on Kiehl Avenue off of Highway 67, you can almost miss Mama’s. When you walk in the door, though, you are immediately hit with tasty smells and a clean and open dining room. The atmosphere feels very casual and comfortable, and there are plenty of tables to seat small and large groups. The kitchen and counter are located at the end of the restaurant, so you can see and smell your meal as it’s prepared.


For lunch, I ordered the falafel supreme pita and a small Greek salad, both without feta. After a quick check with the cook, I was assured that the house dressing was made fresh with olive oil, lemon and lots of oregano. Once I unwrapped my warm pita, I was happily surprised by what I found inside. It was stuffed with hummus, lettuce, 3 large falafel patties, hot sauce, and a pickle spear. The hummus was tasty, and the falafel patties were delicious. They were homemade and fried without being too crispy or dense. They broke apart and filled the pita easily, making for a great sandwich. My favorite part of the meal, though, was the Greek dressing on my salad. Oregano and lemon were the main flavor components, but the mixture was balanced and delicious. It paired perfectly with the kalamata olives, tomatoes and peperoncini mixed in the salad.

My only gripe with Mama’s Gyros Grill would be their tableware. Everything was served on plastic plates with plastic utensils, which s­eemed wasteful in this day in age of recycling and energy conservation. The amount of trash generated with that much disposable dishware did not seem sustainable, but perhaps I caught them on the off day when their dish washer was broken.


The menu at Mama’s Gyros Grill boast several veg friendly dishes, and they even devote a portion of their menu to vegetarian options. They have many items, including salads, pita wraps, sandwiches, sides and desserts. They also have daily specials, which you can find on social media. If you’re in North Little Rock or Sherwood, and you’re looking for some fresh, tasty Greek cuisine, I would highly recommend Mama’s Gyros Grill. While I will still love my beloved Layla’s, I will think twice about driving into Little Rock when I get a hankering for hummus.