Over the past several years, Little Rock has seen a food truck explosion. The creative cuisine coming out of these mobile kitchens has been very exciting, and the variety in the types of food has been immense. Gourmet waffles, Asian cuisine with a Southern twist, ice cream and pizza have just been a few of the types of food being offered up to diners. While the food truck fervor has been building, I feel that vegans have been a little left out. Thankfully, that’s all changing.

Vegetarians have long been able to enjoy many items off the food truck menus in Central Arkansas, but until recently, there have not been many options for vegans, especially entrees. Green Cuisine, an all vegetarian and vegan food truck offering such amazing food as portobello subs and vegan chickpea salad, has closed up their truck and set up shop at the First Presbyterian Church in North Little Rock. You can still order veg dishes from them online for pick up on Wednesdays, which I would highly recommend. What are you to do, though, when you head out to a food truck meet up and want some fantastic veg food? Look no further than Katmandu Momo.


You may ask, what is a momo? It’s heaven, that’s what. Actually, it’s the Nepalese version of a dumpling, and it’s truly delicious. When I heard about this food truck, I immediately went online to check out their menu. That’s when I saw their vegetable momo’s were clearly marked as vegan, so I headed out to Food Truck Friday for a taste test. In a testament to how popular veg items are becoming, I snagged the last 4 vegetable dumplings of the day. I also ordered a side of fried rice and aloo dum (spicy potatoes.)

My first bite into my momo was immediately followed by an intense combination of garlic and ginger. The amount of flavor infused in these little dumplings was incredible. The vegetables were cooked down in oil and spices and wrapped in fluffy dough, resulting in a bite sized package of food new and unique to this area. The fried rice was rich and dense, adding more garlic and oil to my palette. I would have liked to have seen some vegetables in the fried rice, but it was still a tasty side dish. As I bit into the aloo dum, I expected the potatoes to be warm, but I was pleasantly surprised to find them cold. This dish is a potato salad, and while it’s mildly spicy, it’s a nice compliment to the heavier momos and rice.


Katmandu Momo’s vegan options are representative of a growing variety of cuisine for food truck lovers. I have spied clearly marked vegan options on an increasing number of trucks lately, and I think it’s an exciting trend for food lovers in Little Rock. As the weather gets colder, the trucks will have a limited presence in the city, so check their websites and social media pages to find out where they will be next.