1. TAPE.SET – “Nautical”
More great stuff from Fayetteville label Let’s Talk Figures. This is from an excellent new EP by production duo TAPE.SET, a.k.a. Hutch Landfair and Andrew McClain. It’s the ideal soundtrack for a bike ride on the International Space Station, or for dying on the beach. 

2. Tral Wayz – “Kingpin”
There’s not much I don’t like about this song. It’s raining as I’m writing this, and I’m finding it hard to imagine doing anything else today but drinking coffee and staying indoors listening to “Kingpin” on repeat. Tral Wayz is based in Little Rock and should be much better known. Also check out his tape from last November, “Pressure Makes Diamonds.’

3. The See – “Borealius”
Little Rock’s The See have a new album on the way this summer, and this is the title track. Another interesting thing about this album is that it’s very possibly their last one ever. They’ve announced a “goodbye” show on June 6 at White Water. As they explain on Facebook: “We have been very lucky to be part of this community and want to thank all of you for so much love and support over the last 8 or so years. I personally (Joe) will miss all of you so lets have one more shot of whiskey together and scream some songs till its over.”


4. headcold – “Tirefire”
Here’s the opening track from the new record by Conway punk band headcold, who are punishing and relentlessly unhappy and great. They are experts at naming punk rock songs — “Ignorant Moral Compass,” “this is a rat’s nest,” etc. — and will leave you feeling angry for reasons you can’t clearly articulate. 

5. Big Piph ft. Justin Paul – “Chills”
The dust has barely settled from Big Piph’s latest adventures abroad and already the man is dropping fully-realized new singles. We should all be ashamed of ourselves.