A plant based diet, for some, can mean tons of raw fruits and vegetables, ample amounts of water and fresh green juices, and crisp, unsalted steamed vegetables. That’s great and all, but sometimes this plant based eater needs a beer, a burger, and a pile of something fried. Thankfully, we don’t have to give up these pleasures when we give up meat, and we can get our sinful fill at the new Bricktown Brewery in Fort Smith.

Fort Smith is a bit of a trek from Central Arkansas, but if you find yourself on that side of the state, you should head downtown and sample some great bar food. Located in a historic old building, the interior of the space is a great place to have a beer and watch a game, complete with an outdoor patio that at the time of my visit was hosting a home brew club.


After arriving at your table, you may notice a large growler full of malt. Printed on said growler is the beer menu, which is comprised of a handful of stouts, ales, and wheat beers. I settled on the Bricktown Brown, which was well flavored without being too heavy.

The food, however, was incredibly heavy. The menu is comprised of decadent appetizers, hearty salads, huge burgers, comfort foods and pizza. If you look hard enough, there are many options for the veggie-inclined. The veggie burger caught my eye. Usually, I glance over these and choose something else, because more often then not you’re served a measly, frozen patty on a bun. Not here, though. The Bricktown Veggie Burger is a home made black bean patty topped with a large portabello mushroom. I simply had to try it.


Before the main event, my dining partners and I sampled their chips, salsa, and cheese dip. No cheese for me, but my companions said it was tasty. The home made salsa was fresh and spicy, and the guacamole equally tasty. The whole trio came out with super thin, salty chips.

When my burger arrived, it was a massive tower of delicious veggie fare, wrapped up in a fluffy bun. Most of the time, vegetarians have the option of a veggie burger – or – a portabello sandwich, but Bricktown gives you one giant marriage of the two. It was an incredible combination. I chose fried okra as a side and was delighted to see an avalanche of freshly made pieces on the plate. These were not the sad, frozen pieces you find at most restaurants.


While it may not be the best place to dine out on a diet, Bricktown Brewery is a great place to get a filling, tasty lunch and a cold beer.