1. Voodoo Phaser – “Won’t You Understand?”

“Tropical Scenario” is the great new LP from art-rock recording project Voodoo Phaser, which is the moniker of Fayetteville’s Riede Faires. It is full of light-headed psychedelic sunshine pop and odd, jangly space-rock — this song sounds like “Doldrums”-era Ariel Pink and the whole thing is genuinely, consistently good.


2. Yung Kiri – “Acting Like a Psycho”

I wonder if Tommy Wright III and Kingpin Skinny Pimp ever thought they’d have disciples? I doubt it.


3. Dyl – “Pick My Brain”

Here’s something new from a band I’d never heard of, Conway good-vibes surf-rock group Dyl. Listen while fishing or golfing if at all possible. 


4. Bad Boyfriends – “Little Girl”

Vague, moderately sleazy garage punk from Little Rock’s Bad Boyfriends, who sound kinda like The Stooges and will be at Vino’s next Friday. 

5. DMP – “Roll With Me”

If you missed DMP’s latest tape, “80s Crack II,” there is still time. Meanwhile this is the saddest song they’ve ever recorded, perfect for Little Rock’s nightmarish heat-wave.