Chorizo Taco Plate Michael Roberts

Well, the rain had been coming down pretty good, but the food truck gods saw fit to give it rest for a moment when I stopped at Main Street Food Truck Friday—which was good, because I had a craving for tacos. And not just any tacos—chorizo tacos from Beast Food Truck, the Paleo monster of a tasty food wagon that I first became enamored with during a lovely breakfast at the Hillcrest Farmers Market. I’ve never had a bad meal from these guys, and today’s tacos were no exception.

Beast hits all my sweet spots for a local eatery—they use high quality ingredients from local growers and producers like Sue’s Garden, Cedar Rock Acres and the Grass Roots Farmer’s Co-op. But while using high-quality, local ingredients is great, it’s what’s done with them that really makes Beast Food Truck shine.


First up, portions. They are huge. Each of these tacos was jam-packed with tasty pork chorizo and topped with just the right amount of onions and cilantro, just like I like it. The chorizo itself was not at all greasy, and perfectly spiced. To the side was a small green salad that was deliciously fresh and some diced zucchini and yellow squash—not a traditional side to a couple of tacos, but one I would eat again and again. Everything was so fresh, and while they made my plate to order, I didn’t wait very long at all. It’s just plain good.

We’ve got some great food trucks in Little Rock, and Beast is one of my favorites. Fresh, local food prepared with love and skill—it’s all a man can ask for. Well, maybe not all—I wish I had bought a couple of extra tacos to get me through the afternoon, because I made my two tasty tacos gone in record time. Keep up the good work, Beast.