Fans of getting completely blitzed on backwoods corn liquor will be interested to know that Tim Smith, star of the Discovery Channel series Moonshiners and founder of Climax Moonshine, will be appearing at Colonial Wine & Spirits on Friday, December 4, from 4 p.m.-6 p.m.

The official bio for Smith says that he “began using creative ways to make moonshine outside of state sanction for several years before starting a legal distilling company in 2013.” Folks in Virginia apparently didn’t take too kindly to Smith’s “creative ways” and declined to grant Smith a license to distill, so he opened Climax Moonshine in Lebanon, Kentucky.


Smith will be signing bottles of his signature liquor during the event. Info I received about the booze says that it’s “made from corn, barley malt, rye and sugar” and uses “a distillation process that is slower and colder than other whiskies” which apparently gives it a “unique flavor profile.” Between this stuff and our own Rock Town Arkansas Lightning, I reckon we’ve come a long way from clay jugs full of blindness juice. Which is never a bad thing. This event is open to the public—unless the revenuers come break it all up.