1. Fresco Grey – “Pulled Up ’95”

Fresco Grey is so good he makes me proud to live in Little Rock. How often can you say that? “I’m just sitting back doing algebra,” he says at one point, because why not? My only problem with this song is that it should be about twelve times longer. 

2. Doctor Nod – “Trip Along”

We’ve written about Fayetteville garage punk band Doctor Nod before — for their great “Walkin’ the Dog” — and the group seems to have a new full-length cassette coming out in mid-March. I stand by our earlier comparisons to the Modern Lovers and the Troggs: Too often psych-rock bands in this mold substitute fuzz and posturing for compelling songwriting, but Doctor Nod never seems to have this problem. 


3. ABL ft. DMP Jefe and Beedy – “Regular”

ABL, aka Anthony Lemons, is new to us, but brothers DMP Jefe and Beedy have — together and separately — made some of Little Rock’s most purely enjoyable rap music in recent years, and are always worth a listen. This song is light-footed and hypnotic; the beat doesn’t take itself too seriously, and neither do they. 

4. Daniel Moody – “Live and Learn”

Some despondent, winter-time folk music for fans of Elliott Smith and stark, probing vulnerability. It’s from a new album called “Intrepid Hearts” by Little Rock singer-songwriter Daniel Moody


5. Eli Gen & D. Mitch – “Running Back”

In which North Little Rock native Darren McFadden gets the anthem he deserves (and makes for a good metaphor in the process). The beat is by Little Rock’s D. Mitch