1. Kari Faux – “This Right Here”

Any new Kari Faux is a cause for celebration (and dancing, and public vandalism), and the Little Rock expat recently announced she had a new album finished and forthcoming, “Lost En Los Angeles. ” Here’s the great first single, produced by longtime collaborator bLAck pARty. I interviewed the two of them a couple of years ago, when they left  town — seems like a long time ago now. 

2. Country Florist – “Pleasure”

Little Rock’s Country Florist (whose tennis-and-vocoder-heavy songwriting process was recently showcased on the local web series, “The Deck”), has a new record coming out in March, “CF-3,” the third volume of his cassette trilogy with Drawing Room Records. Here’s our first taste of the record, some shadowy electro-pop that’s equal parts Paradise Garage and Sega Genesis. 


3. Solo Jaxon – “Rollin'”

Little Rock’s Solo Jaxon and producer Idle Kid have had an incredibly strong run these last few weeks, between this song, “Keep Up,” and “No Reason.” His flow is aggressive and confident, and it works unusually well with Idle Kid’s droning, buzz-saw production. Pay attention to these guys. 

4. Ginsu Wives – “Pre-Ice Tension”

Little Rock’s Ginsu Wives make wild, circuitous, art-damaged synth-punk — recommended for fans of Suicide or Liars or all manner of trippy, tribal, freak-out noise rock. They’re an acquired taste, is what I mean, though it’s a taste totally worth acquiring. Not recommended for the epileptic, or the easily repulsed. This is off their new record “Hospital Vibes,” available now from Fast Weapons Records


5. Amyjo Savannah – “Gun Shy”

On a very different note, here’s something new from Hot Springs’ Amyjo Savannah, whose baritone and depth-charge emotional intensity remind me a little of Chris Denny. 

6. Feezi Redd ft. Yungn10x – “Paid By The Weight”

Feezi Redd
should be on your radar if you live in Little Rock and care about rap music — I’d heard he had a new mixtape coming out today, “Redd Alert,” but I don’t see any sign of it. Either way I’m a big fan of tilapia metaphors and songs about economics — I need all the financial advice I can get.