Farmer’s Table Cafe
, the farm-to-table restaurant that has become one of Fayetteville’s most popular brunch spots, is now serving dinner! Known for serving up sustainable sustenance infused with Ozark soul, Farmer’s Table looks like your ultra-hip grandmother’s cottage, and on weekends, the place can boast comically long brunch lines (think Portlandia). And how does the Farmer’s Table Cafe fare now that it’s now open for an additional meal? It does not disappoint for dinner…or brinner.


Not to be missed, there’s also a sangria special for happy hour, with each adorable mason jar of sweet, summery wine packed with enough fruit to make even Carmen Miranda jealous. The sangria is delicious, but if it’s not your thing, go for one of the other delicious summery cocktails on offer, each perfect for a warm summer night. These drinks are 100-percent summer-sippable, but not too strong as to inhibit any enjoyment of my new favorite meal of the day: brinner.

Each weekend, Farmer’s Table is serving up several seasonal breakfast favorites alongside innovative new dishes. Each shares the comfy, farm-to-table vibe which has been central to the cafe’s success at breakfast and brunch. For brinner, (or breakfast-for-dinner), its hard to beat the sweet potato pancakes. Soft, with a nice balance of sweet and savory, each pancake is loaded with the creamy, starchy taste of sweet potato.


These tasty cakes are a gorgeous light orange color, something which makes for a very sunny brinner I find is best consumed on the cafe’s adorable porch that overlooking the cafe’s garden. Candied pecans give the pancakes a pleasant crunchy finish, and you can layer on as much maple syrup as your heart desires—though with pancakes this naturally sweet and tasty, not much is necessary to make this the most important meal of the day.

Though breakfast-for-dinner opportunities aren’t rare in Fayetteville, these offerings from Farmer’s Table Cafe are new and exciting. Each week offers great selections from a rotating menu of fresh, seasonal items utilizing ingredients from local farms. One such item is a delicious interpretation of a caprese salad made with succulent, colorful heirloom tomatoes that create a tangy sweet base for delightful layers of creamy mozzarella cheese. The Farmer’s Table sprinkles its caprese with a hearty homemade pesto that adds a pleasant herbal flavor that stands in complex and delicious juxtaposition with the hearty cheese, making this an interesting interpretation of traditional caprese. The whole thing is finished with a balsamic reduction that complement the juicy tomatoes to create a perfect light summer salad that’s almost a full meal in and of itself.

For intrepid eaters in search of comfort food classics, there are Ozark tacos, zesty little wraps bursting with local flavor and color. Pick a filling, pork, chicken or kale and Farmer’s Table will serve it on soft tortillas with spicy, smoky local greens. Or go for the Ozark Huevos Rancheros, an Arkie twist on a Tex-Mex favorite sporting greens, beans and a perfectly cooked runny fried egg, all of which makes this workingman’s dinner one of my new favorites. Best of all, each of these interpretations of spicy favorites are less greasy and filled with fresh produce, making them a light, utterly satisfying summer dinner that doesn’t skimp on flavor.


The Farmer’s Table only serves dinner on the weekends, and though the menu may change, the quality is consistent. The cafe is committed to serving up local produce in new and tasty ways in a relaxed atmosphere which is almost absurdly Instagram-able (so many vintage mugs and mason jars!).  If you love The Farmer’s Table, I highly recommend their new dinner hours, and if you haven’t tried it yet…what are you waiting for?