A violinist plays for the 2016 Arkansas Times Craft Beer Festival at Argenta Plaza, the proposed site for Argenta Arts Foundation' Levitt AMP Music Series. Brian Chilson

The Mortimer and Mimi Levitt Foundation,
an organization that seeks to facilitate exposure to performing arts through the creation of “third places,” is offering grants to up to 15 nonprofits in cities with populations less than 400,000 to launch their own free, outdoor Levitt Amp Music Series in 2017.

In hopes of holding such a series at the Argenta Plaza, the Argenta Arts Foundation has put its proposal in for consideration, up on the Levitt AMP website for an online public vote. The 25 finalists will be selected by way of that vote, which ends November 21, at which point the Levitt Foundation will narrow those finalists down to 15 or fewer recipients.