Morningside Bagels is located at 10848 Maumelle Boulevard in, you guessed it, Maumelle. After the owners’ favorite bagel shop closed in 2007, they saw an opportunity to fill a void. They opened in 2007 and the rest is history.

Morningside is found in an unassuming strip mall right on the Boulevard, making for easy access to some of the best bagels around. They even offer the option to call ahead and pick up an order at the drive through—something I did frequently on the way to work when I lived in Maumelle. My typical order at the time was a chocolate chip bagel, a just-barely sweet treat for the morning drive. I’ve been told they sell out quickly on Monday mornings.


On this particular day, when I walked into the shop I was greeted by a wave from my friend and a genuine, “Hello, how are you?” from the person working the counter. One of the owners was chatting with a regular near the bagel case, which, despite being only 9:30am, was already beginning to thin out.

Luckily, they still had garlic bagels upon which to place a Lox Sandwich with everything. “Everything” in this case means onions, capers, tomato, and cream cheese in addition to the requisite smoked salmon. There are many good lox sandwiches in the world, but there isn’t one better. Despite the early hour, I also ordered a sugar cookie, because life is short. The cookie was huge, soft, and fresh, with a light sprinkling of sugar over top.


My friend ordered an onion bagel with cream cheese and duplicated my cookie order. Though there is obvious onion in the bagel, the flavor is subtle as opposed to overpowering, something your coworkers might appreciate.

Morningside orders their coffee from Guillermo’s, so if you’ve got time to sit down and have a cup, you won’t be sorry. They’ve got a dark and a medium brew, along with a flavored option. The medium brew pairs well with the sugar cookie, especially with a half-ounce of cream mixed in.


Morningside Bagels makes fresh bagels from scratch on a daily basis, and you really can’t beat a good bagel for a quick breakfast. If you’re lucky, they’ll have a few bags of day-old bagels available to purchase at a discount. Whether you choose to drive through or dine in at one of their cozily-close tables or booths, you’ll be well satisfied.