All hail your groovy winners of Round 2 of the 2018 Arkansas Times Musician’s Showcase: Couch Jackets.

Next week we’ve got another great lineup for Round 3, you can check out the schedule here. And keep coming out every Thursday in February to Stickyz, to see who will join The Rios (your Round 1 winners) and Couch Jackets at the finals at The Rev Room on Friday, March 9.


Let’s list again the wonderful plunder of the winner of that final round: cold hard cash, an in-studio showcase at Capitol View Studio, a live spot at the Arkansas State Fair Bud Light Pavilion, a live spot at Musicfest El Dorado, a live spot at Low Key Arts’ Valley of the Vapors Independent Music Festival in Hot Springs, a Thursday Night Live performance at Griffin Restaurant in El Dorado, eight hours of artist development at The Hive Studio, a PRS SE 245 Standard 22 Electric Guitar from Sunrise Guitars and more.

Here’s a rundown of last night’s show with comments and videos from our four judges; Sarah Woolf, Robert Locke, Dazzmin Murry, Brie Boyce and our guest judge for the night, Mandy McBryde.


Make sure to check out the slideshow at the bottom with all the photos.


Ten Penny Gypsy

Judges’ comments:

“They complement each other very well! Musically and vocally. Buddy Love plucked the hell out of those strings! Rock on!!”

“Opening song was soul food — took me right back to my Southern Baptist roots”

“Making magic with those guitars! Ahh! [insert praise hands emoji]”


“Feel-good front porch revival tunes. It’s obvious they really <3 music and <3 each other! I think that translates here.”

Redefined Reflection

Judges’ comments:

“Solid hard rock band — they’ve got potential.”

“So much energy! Colorful players.”

“I wanna get up and dance! I love rock and roll and so do they.”

“HELL YES! Very original vocalist. You seldom hear this type of low-rockin’ growl from a female.”


Jamie Lou & the Hullabaloo

Judges’ comments:

“One of the best bands in Arkansas … period!”

“I felt that song in my whole soul. Yassss, Jamie Lou & the Hullabaloo, yasss!”

“They are a real band knocking on the door to the next level; they’re ready. I can’t wait to see where they go from here.”

“Love how she goes from a lilting Judy Garland to full-on Joplin-esque wild child within the same song.”

Yuni Wa

Judges’ comments:

“This guy is great. I could jam this all day.”

“Sonically crispyyyy!”

“I feel the ‘story’ he’s telling. It’s moody, exciting, sensual — maybe even a little dangerous at times.”

“A life soundtrack. I wanna see him on a bigger stage and then a bigger stage…”

Couch Jackets

Judges’ comments:

“The yardstick for what a great Arkansas band is just changed.”

“Holy shit, they’re fun to watch. These dudes are going everywhere and they’re doing it together! Supertight set.”

“So many creative elements — my GAWSH! My cheeks hurt from smiling so much. Ready for the road!”

“Not what I expected. A very awesome surprise. So professional and polished. I wanna follow this band. Festival circuit look out!”

And here are the photos.