In case you missed it, check out “Who’s Afraid of Indy Grotto?”, the latest from the frontwoman for tenured Little Rock indie rockers Boondogs, ten breezy tracks recorded at Lucky Dog Audio and Fellowship Hall Sound here in Little Rock and at Red Star in L.A. Current favorite: “Eileen,” with “Round and Round” a close second.

And, from the bass player for the 2017 Arkansas Times Musicians Showcase winners Dazz & Brie and The Emotionalz, Kami Renee, comes “Entitled,” a brand new bouncing middle finger to that person in your life who seems to start their stopwatch running after sending you a text.


Speaking of past showcase finalists, Brae Leni & The Evergreen Groove Machine put on a dynamite show at last year’s competition (read as: the electric slide was heavily involved and performed with abandon by more people than will admit same), and Leni is back with a video for “Fine With Me,” showing off his falsetto, his biceps, his drum machine and what appears to be a delivery of mashed potatoes, just after the two-minute mark and right on time.


Like many of us, Mark Currey, the songsmith responsible for last year’s eclectic and layered “Tarrant County,” spent the day after Valentine’s Day processing some indignation. Here’s why:


In the week after the Marjory Stoneman Douglas shootings, I watched these kids do what adults have been unable to do… what they have been afraid to do. I watched them stand up to power and scream: “Enough.” And I watched Fred Guttenberg talk about his amazing daughter Jaimie … I watched Max Schachter read a poem his son Alex wrote a couple of weeks before he was killed. Alex was a marching band kid … like me. And Fred and Max are dads… like me. A week ago today I wrote this song …. For the parents who lost … for the kids who are gone and the ones that survived. And for my own kids, who give me hope that they might build a better world than the one we have given them.

So, instead of crafting a lengthy Facebook rant or throwing his hands up, Currey headed to Capitol View Studio and recorded this track, “Land of Endless Summer.”

Don’t overlook the links at the song’s Soundcloud spot: March For Our Lives, Everytown for Gun Safety, Sandy Hook Promise and a GoFundMe page for the Alex Schachter Scholarship fund Foundation, a 501 (c)(3) created in memory of one of the students killed in the mass shooting in Parkland, Florida in February, and titled after a poem Alex student wrote two weeks prior to the shooting for a literary fair.