This week, we talk with Matt DeCample of Arkansas Cinema Society about Filmland, an ACS event that’s bringing Richard Linklater, Mary Steenburgen, Kristen Schaal, David & Christina Arquette and many others to town for screenings and conversation with filmmaker/Board Chair Jeff Nichols.


First, though (0:29), check out the fantastic trailer for “Gospel of Eureka,” a film by Directors Michael Palmieri and Donal Mosher that juxtaposes Eureka Springs’ long-running “The Great Passion Play” with the drag scene at Eureka Live, a gay club in the historic downtown area that owners describe as “a hillbilly Studio 54.” The documentary is circulating in festivals now and comes out in 2019.


Next (2:23), check out the Rolling Stone article on “Blaze,” the biopic about Malvern, Arkansas-born Blaze Foley from Director Ethan Hawke, with Ben Dickey (former vocalist/guitarist in Shake Ray Turbine) in the title role.


Next up (3:55), a short roundup of new music. There’s a rooftop jam and a 90s-inspired album from Philli Moo.

Plus, a new record from Colour Design called “They Don’t Exist.” Catch them tonight at the White Water Tavern with Adam Faucett & The Tall Grass, Commander Keen and Headcold.

There’s also a new video from cellist Christian Serrano-Torres called “Everywhere,” filmed in Iceland.


Next up (5:26), we chat with Arkansas Cinema Society Communications Director Matt DeCample about Filmland, ACS’ premiere event, with screenings and conversation led by filmmaker/ACS Board Chair Jeff Nichols.

Richard Linklater will be in town for a screening of “The Newton Boys,” along with other actors and filmmakers from Arkansas and beyond: Kristen Schaal, Mary Steenburgen, Jennifer Gerber, Amman Abbasi, Graham Gordy, Daniel Campbell, Will Forte, John Solomon, David & Christina Arquette, Rich Blomquist, Matthew Cooke, Josh & Miles Miller and more.

Finally (25:55), we make some recommendations:

Omaya recommends you check out unbelievable tale of “Three Identical Strangers,” playing at Rave Cinemas Colonel Glenn and at Riverdale 10 Cinema this weekend:

Stephanie suggests, first, that you check out Chris Selby’s “flavorclown” journal, where the guru behind Fayetteville’s beloved and dormant record store Clunk eats lowbrow food and documents his “flavor journeys” for the Instagram audience.

You will maybe regret those flavor journeys, and need something heady to counteract all the flavor, so watch this 42-minute documentary called “America First” from Univision, about a town in Iowa that was irrevocably changed by a massive ICE raid a decade ago.